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Two directors...Two legends...Two eras... Meet for a reason. Their conversation turns into an argument. Argument leads to a challenge and thus a beautiful light hearted story unfolds. 
What is the point that they try to prove, how's it related to story, what could be the end of the story forms the crux of the movie COMA!

Written and directed by : Ravi Kiran & CSP
Produced By : Soundarya creations - Raja selvam, Ravi & csp.
DOP : Karthik Mallur
Music director : Ashic Arun
Cast : Bhagvan, Guruprasad, Karthik Kumar, Shruthi Nandeesh, Suchindra Prasad, Shille Manjunath,Andrew jaypaul, Ajith Kumar, Ranjanna Mishra, Mahesh

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