Pushpakavimana Music Review

Posted by Pramod 02/10/2016 4 Comment(s)

Starring: Ramesh Arvind, Rachita Ram, Juhi Chawla, Baby Yuvina Parthavi

Direction: S.Ravindranath

Music: Charan Raj

Vocals: Haricharan, Indu Nagraj, Charan Raj, Siddartha Belmannu,Ganesh Karanth

Lyrics: Jayanth Kaikini

The music Album has got 6 Songs and the music director being Charan Raj of Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu Fame. He has added responsibility to deliver this album of superior content than his previous sensational. Moreover it’s a Emotional subject of Father & Daughter where the Father role has been donned by Ramesh Arvind which happens to be his Hundredth Film as well. Let’s see below what Charan has offered the ever thirsty Kannada Audiences.

Jilka Jilka:

Rendered by: Indu Nagaraj

Opening done by Chorus band saying Jilka-Jilka Re. Was curious to know what Jilka meant and it was found multiple meanings like Benevolent, Honest, Brilliant all on a positive note. Kannada Lyrics are intertwined beautifully along with Urduish-Hindi and it is perfectly timed and rhymed. Have no doubt if this song becomes a foot tapping number at Marriages, Sangeeth or at any occasions. Already the video is released and it’s been featured on Beautiful Juhi Chawla



Rendered by: Charan Raj

The Music director himself has crooned this Lullaby. The slow paced song and rightly accompanied audio acoustics can make a lasting impact on the listeners. Use the Headphones to appreciate the same.


Mugilu Belmugilu:

Rendered by: Haricharan

Was waiting like hell for this piece of music after listening it as a background score in the movie Teaser. The song lyrics talks about the bonding between the Father and his Daughter which is very pleasing. This song binds emotionally to the music and lets you for a repeated hearing for sure over headset. Take my word: The Set of words might be a tearjerker somewhere whilst you remember your dads.


Baana Thoredhu Neeli

Rendered by: Siddartha Belmannu

The song has got a haunting vocal Intro. As we move forward we get to hear the amalgamation of gentle Harmonics and Percussion.This is a precisely slow poison and will surely haunt for the senses.The Percussion notes on Ghatam made me remind the bhajans from Ramakrishna Ashrama


Pushpakavimana (Theme)

Rendered by: Charan Raj

The Theme song is the one we heard it earlier in the trailer. The Flute and Violin notes are very pleasant on ears that escalate the moment of air and definitely this would hit as Mobile Ringtones. The English lyrics interlaced along post half doesn’t help much though.


Ee Srushtiya

Rendered by: Ganesh Karanth

We get to hear a soul stirring opening music before the start of Vocals. This song is a shorter one with Patho lines . Probably this might be used in a preclimax or climax sequence of the movie. This beautiful rendition is from the latest sensational Ganesh Karanth who won in the Radio city Super singer contest will take its own time to digest in you.


Verdict: Though it’s on an Emotional Note with touchy lyrics, undoubtedly this album is going to be a chartbusters, Charan has delivered a classy, suave music here which is worth multiple hearings.

Rating: 4.0/5.0


Reviewed by: Pra.Sa.Ra

4 Comment(s)

Suhas Nagaraj:
02/10/2016, 11:42:16 PM

Nice to see and hear Kannada music albums coming up.

03/10/2016, 12:05:33 AM


03/10/2016, 03:57:49 PM

It's nice to read your reviews and songs are really good,waiting for the movie to see the picturisation. All the best for the whole movie team and ಇರುವೆ.in

04/10/2016, 09:09:44 PM

Dhanyavadagalu :-)

Kiran B K:
04/10/2016, 03:24:47 PM

Pleasing songs by Charan...wonderful orchestration. Kudos!!

04/10/2016, 09:11:18 PM

Yes.. Waiting for Visuals

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