Rama Rama Re : Music Review

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Movie : Rama Rama Re
Cast : Jayaram, Nataraj, Dharamanna Kadur, Bimbashree Ninasam
Producer : D Satya Prakash & Bhaskardev
Director : D Satya Prakash
Rhythms : Shivamallu, Karthik pandavapura
Guitars : B.Karthik
Flute : Sandeep Vasishta
Music arrangement : Nobin Paul
Mixed and Mastered : Gokul Abhishek
Lyrics : D Satya Prakash
Music Composer : Vasuki Vaibhav

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1. News Nodi
Artist(s) : Vasuki Vaibhav
The album's first arrives with full funkiness. Vasuki Vaibhav's blends contemporary & jazz for this splendid number. The guitars, synths, brass instruments & digital riffs effortlessly fuse with the indigenous percussions with sheer brilliance. Satya's colloquial lyrics are an added soul. Vasuki Vaibhav renders this one in full style. Watch out for the incredible journey of the jazz keys which break all the conventional boundaries! Chartbuster "chindi" guaranteed!

2. Baduke Baduka Kalisu
Artist(s) : Vasuki Vaibhav
It is now time for a laid back lullaby with
minimal instrumentation & rhythms with rustic vocals of Vasuki Vaibhav. The usage of classical flute in the interludes for an essential number like this is sheer brilliance. Goosebumps guaranteed!

3. Rama Rama Re
Artist(s) : Sangeetha Katti
The journey continues in the so called
Vasuki vaibhav's way with another funky solo supported well by tabla, guitar and earthly rhythm section. Yesteryear singer Sangeetha katti renders for this number with her mesmerizing style which has the blend of folk along with mexican old school. Watch out for the riveting guitars which follows the lead vocals in a jiffy!


4. Namma Kaayo Devane
Artist(s) : Ananya Bhat
A extremely laid back number with the
stupendous voice of Ananya bhat arrives next. The song has a lazy blues touch & ably supported rhythm section. Vasuki Vaibhav's best in terms of a package! This track is like a one way trip to heaven. Intensely written, rendered & composed! Personally for me this will be on loop for a longer time!

5. Kelu Krishna
Artist(s) : Shrunga B V, Vasuki Vaibhav
The album's next begins with a harmonium. A conversational folk number arrives next with a shade of fun as well as moodiness at the same time. Shrunga & Vaibhav's rustic vocals are supported just by the harmonium & percussion section which gives it a street style folk number effect. Vasuki vaibhav ends the song on a psychedelic note!

6. Namma Kaayo Devane Theme
Artist(s) : Vasuki Vaibhav
An instrumental piece of the other version.

Rating(s) : 3.75/5
Pick(s) : Namma Kaayo Devane, News nodi, baduke baduka kalisu
Verdict : Vasuki vaibhav who happens to be the youngest music director in the industry debuts with his unique ideas of fusion music! Rama Rama re is an essentially modern, rustic, earthen album with a very good blend of old school coupled with contemporary and jazz sounds!

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2 Comment(s)

07/10/2016, 09:01:32 AM

Nicely articulated :-) Will listen right now

07/10/2016, 09:01:32 AM

Nicely articulated :-) Will listen right now

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