Stars of Back Stage Series -1 : Vikram Yoganand

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Prelude to ‘Stars of Backstage’ Interview Series

We Appreciate the Showroom, while we fail to recognize the Warehouse behind…,

As the above adage says, many a times it so happens, we fail to notice the people who are not in limelight. Not Restricted to Cinema. Art, Science and Literature any field for it matter. Hardly would we know anything about these less known faces that too are equally responsible in making a thing phenomenal.

As an Example: We knew literally anything about Resul Pookutty, A Sound Engineer who won the Oscars for the ‘Slum dog Millionaire’. Similarly there will be lots of contribution from innumerable persons behind a Big-Thing.

So the Following would be one such Interview Series where we bring out Some Unknown – Hidden Talents of Less Known people living amongst us.The first attempt in Unearthing a Great talent is through ‘Mr.Vikram Yoganand'.


Interview with Vikram Yoganand

An Interview where the budding artist who has carved a name for himself in the less known world of YouTube and Sandalwood Cinema.

Vikram started as a small time editor learning as much as possible like other Interns would do. Grew up as a DOP, Editor, Assistant Director and now owns a production house called ‘Smart Screen Productions’ and has produced the off late viral videos under the program name ‘Booo My Show’.


His Works include the following:

Short Films: Nam Kathe, Nirvana, Love Calculator, Appa My Hero,Bharathi,Time, A White Lie

Music Video: Halagode, #Kannada, Shrichakram, 3 ½, Bb5, Roadking, Miley SomeHow, Hona Tha

DOP: Kedigalu, ShriChakram, 3 ½, Bb5, Roadking, Miley SomeHow, Hona Tha

Editing: Shrichakram, 3 ½, Miley SomeHow

Direction of Hindi Independent movies: Miley SomeHow, Hona Tha Starring Anupam kher


Works from Production House: Booo My Show, My Mug of Beer and couple of Album songs

Producer: Untitled Film Starring Sindhu Lokanath



How ‘Booo My Show’ Started?

We wanted to create a set of audience for ourselves and the easiest option was to reach out through YouTube. So it all started in last November. And in December mid came our first video. So we started Movie review videos, which didn’t reach much. So we wanted to give a funny touch for the same. But a Humorous take on new movies would affect the Movie collection. Hence we Handpicked Old movies and took bit of inspiration of similar shows from Hindi on similar kind and made a Laugh Riot. Thus the Inception of Boo My Show.


Why this Review is special?

Basically, The Booo My Show reviews are not for a new movie. Language used here is a mix of English and Kannada. The review would be Rib-Tickling. We have a 3rd Person who is more or less a Mime-Artist. Punch Dialogues are in Repeat mode and there is ‘Best-Bet Segment’ which is not available in any other reviews.


How was the First experience of making the funnier review video?

We had ‘Police story’ movie in mind as it had many number of Punch Dialogues with Mutable Usages. It nearly took 2 months to come out with a presentable script. It was 2am in the early morning when we shot the video review. But we had the zeal to finish and give a good product to the audience at earliest possible. We had many number of retakes and it took slow in pace. But latter realized that retakes are leading to perfection but with a kind of fakeness. So we finalized the Shots which were taken naturally at first attempt itself and it turned out to be realistic enough.

We improved on feedbacks and came up with our next video ‘Keralida kesari’. This movie had Rhyming words in every other dialogue. So from here our audience started to grew and we took the things seriously and later continued with ‘Tarle nan maga’, ‘Aham Premasmi’, ‘Preethi  Yeke Bhoomi Melide’ reviews. The best amongst them was ‘Chaitrada Chandrama’ which was Humongous and garnered large audiences. That’s Booo My Show got a brand name.


Why the Third person is sitting in between and has no part to play?

First it was planned to have with review with two persons only. But it was inspired by a Hindi show of similar kind which had 2 persons. To differentiate, we wanted to have a third person who can make the video gain some attention. So, the third person would do nothing except facial expressions or eating the popcorn, blowing a Balloon or any random silent jobs. The other two would go gaga about the review, unaware of this 3rd person’s presence.

First we had a team member Gautam who did this 3rd man job in Police story video. Later we had a French Lady in Keralida kesari video who understood nothing about on goings. But audience would hook to the video just to see what might happen next and their eyes would roll on them in particular. This became a trendy enough. We later had a Spiderman in one of our video. Even Celebrities like Bhagawan Sir was also our brand wagon.


Wasn’t it difficult to approach celebrities to be part of the Booo My Show videos?

We did face initial Hindrances and words of negativity. We did approached Upendra, Master Anand, Bhagwan Sir and many. They were like skeptical that whether it would be offensive about the filmmakers. After making them understand our clear intentions, it was quite easy for us and they happily agreed to be part of it and later our efforts were appreciated too.


Tell us about your associates…


Kailash Pal & Pawan Venugopal:  We were old friends. We have done couple of short films long back.

Pawan concentrated on his career initially and took a position in news channel. Just 1year ago he left the job and wanted to make a career in Film industry and he joined us with Smart screen productions. He is also a Standup Comedian and wants to grow parallel and make a name there too.

Kailash is basically a Dancer, Choreographer and Zumba Trainer. He is the Main torso behind the Script of Boo My Show.

Gautam: He is closely associated with me and he is multifaceted. He works behind Camera, editing and Cinematography. Later he turned out to be the 3rd person in our videos


Something about ‘My Mug of Beer’

It was just an initiative to see the audience response from Non-Kannada Audiences. Want to understand audience and their mindset. So we reviewed for Hindi Movies. But later we expanded to Kannada and Tamil movies too. But it was bit difficult to do it on a regular basis as the movie has to be reviewed on Friday, As soon after watching Morning show. And the availability of resources proved to be tough. Hence it has been sidelined for now.


How do you face the Criticism..?

Audiences now are more matured enough and they are open to the Sarcasm and Apahasya (Humour created on the other living entity). They are capable of judging what is right and what’s not.

But we do take every precaution not to hurt any sentiments and we proof read the scripts and filter out the maximum possible substance which might offend the people. But still in entertainment point of view we do have to take certain liberties or else the video doesn’t carry any weight age.


Heard that you are venturing into your First Kannada Directorial….

Yes. An Experimental movie featuring Sindhu lokanath, Mitra, Guruprasad, Shobhraj, Padmaja Rao, Nagendra Sha is on the floor. It’s a Female oriented story happening between 6am to 8pm in a day. It’s been shot in 8 days. The best part being the movie has no Cuts.

This is been produced under two Banners: Divya Drishti Productions and Smart Screen Productions and it is yet to be given a title.


Where do we see Smart screen productions 5yrs down the lane?

We do want to see ourselves producing at least 5 Low budget movies per year. We do want to encourage the new directors who come up with good script, who would be facing hardships in finding a producer/banner.

If things work out well, we do want to venture into Distribution also sooner or later. Thereby we can provide more and more jobs for aspirants in Editorial, Directorial and camera departments based on their vested interests.

We do want to telecast the Boo-My-Show on Local TV Channels in future days after audience expansion. Currently our videos have been viewed by 1.8Lakh people worldwide which we didn’t expected to reach at this short time. At first we would start with Co-Producing and probably other plans would churn out later.


Why Reviews? Why not anything else…

We do understand lots of hard work, labor are involved in bringing out a picture onscreen. But somewhere if a film-maker fails, then a review can help him realize where actually things went wrong and that should ideally act as Lessons learnt for his future ventures. This realization of faulty work is very responsible task and we enjoy doing them realize in this way.

There are also Film-Makers who do the movies just for Namesake. Which shouldn’t happen as this may deteriorate the quality of cinema and number of cine-goers. Hence a Review is must so that Filmmakers would also have the sense of responsibility in giving quality content to the audience.


How’s the Family support in your career journey through Film-Industry?

Yes the family support is very much required which I didn’t enjoy at earlier stages of my career. Initially I have lied them saying was doing only Editing. But actually I was directing at places which I couldn’t explain or portray due to various reasons. After my ad-films were seen in channels, my family too felt that I have a potential and accepted as I am. Later I opened a Production house on own from last 2yrs and I have Editing and DI Setup on own Now. And that’s how I grew step by step.

Now I’m happily married and staying with Family.


What do you suggest for the young Budding artists who are in same track?

Yes the field has got loads of Ups and Downs and has no other option to face the heat, At least in initial stages. My Editing skills have come up me handy in tough times. That was fetching decent earning then. You will not have a regular salary. It’s very easy to leave all at once when the mood turns Blue. Make sure you never lose the Inner Fire to achieve something. One thing is to keep yourselves motivated in this creative world.

Interviewed by Pra.Saa.Raa

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