What the Kirik with Kirik Party is all about?

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What the Kirik with Kirik Party is all about? : Rakshith S Ponnathpur


"This is my personal favourite from the album!", exclaimed Rakshit Shetty on the day of the song's release. Three times into the song, I could not but agree with him. Despite 'Thirboki Jeevana' and 'Belageddu' becoming runaway hits among the masses, 'Hey, who are you?' became my favourite as well. It has been on loop ever since on my playlist and am humming it as I write this. 


Written by an amazingly talented lyricist Dhananjay Ranjan and composed by Sandalwood's upcoming stalwart Ajaneesh Lokanath, the song was included to pay tribute to the legendary duo of Ravichandran and Hamsalekha who gave us many a classic number in the 90s and redefined Kannada cinematic music. 


The makers of Kirik Party were outspoken in their praise for the duo and repeatedly expressed their intention of making the 80's and 90's kids go nostalgic over the 90's Kannada cinema which they all grew up watching, with this song. Rakshit Shetty's Facebook wall is a testimony to this. 


Lahari Music had raised the copyright infringement issue about 20 twenty days back alleging that the song had copied the tune from 'Madhya Ratrili' song from the 90's hit film 'Shanti Kranti', but both Rishab and Rakshit Shetty firmly and categorically stated that it wasn't an infringement. They had said that similar set of instruments were used to give a feel of familiarity but there was absolutely no imitation whatsoever. 


It doesn't take a genius to understand that those who steal don't go about telling the world about their theft again and again, leave alone harping praises on the artists who they stole from. The timing of the stay order also raises questions about the petitioner's intentions. The audio had released about a month back but the petitioner found time to go to courts just a day before the film's premiere. 


It is understood that this is not the first time the petitioner has opted to take the legal route just a day before a film's release. Films like Ranavikrama and Mynaa had suffered the same and the makers had to enter into last minute out of court settlements to clear the way for their films' release. 


The Kirik Party team however has firmly refused to pay even a single penny. They have decided to cut the song till they fight the case in the court instead of falling for the settlement bait. The making of the song has approximately cost around 30 lakhs. The public opinion and goodwill seems to be on the side of the defendants with many of Sandalwood's faithfuls now recognising a clear modus operandi followed by the petitioner. 


It doesn't look like the petitioner's move is going to affect the film in any way as far as footfalls are concerned. It may in fact favour the makers with goodwill and sympathy being in their favour. In the age of social media, any publicity is good publicity and Kirik Party just got even more popular with this issue. 


With or without 'Hey, who are you?', I am looking forward to watch the film on the first day and I am sure most of them will concur with me on this. Let's hope the Kirik Party team ends up on the winning side ASAP so that we can watch the version which includes the song once again. 


Who would have imagined that in a case between the Kirik Party team and the opponent, the opponent would turn out to be the actual Kirik Party? Well, that's how the world rolls!

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