#grad1 { height: 300px; width:100%; background: linear-gradient(141deg, #0fb8ad 0%, #1fc8db 51%, #2cb5e8 75%); color:white; opacity:0.90; }   Synopsis: 23 Ippathmuru - Kannada short film is all about the confusions that a 23 year old "Harsha" has in his life. What are his confusions? Will he be able to come out of them? Will he be successful in life? You have to watch this film if you want to know the answers for these questions. Written & Directed: Manue Anuram Produced by: Reelistic cut Music: Karthik Pai  DOP & Editing: Manue Anuram Associate Directors: Harish Rajendran & Balaji Prasad Cast: Harsha Channaiah, Tanuja Janu, Praveen Channaiah, Arjun Thiyagarajan  

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