“What do I do if I have multiple badges/coupon codes?”
If you have multiple coupon codes, you can club them and send tickets together with a single UPI ID to receive cashback for multiple tickets.

“Will I get a cashback, if I watch the film after the 25th of may?”
Unfortunately, no. The cashback offer is valid only if you watch our film within the first week of it’s release. That is, anytime between the 19th and 25th of May (2023)

“Within how many days will I get the cashback?”
You will receive the cashback within 7 days of having sent us your details.

“Is the coupon/badge a replacement for the movie ticket?”
No, the coupon/badge is not a replacement for the movie ticket. You will have to purchase the ticket for our film like you would do for any other film, that is, via box office or ticket booking apps.

“Can I get multiple cash-backs for one coupon code?”
No, one coupon code will fetch you one cashback only. Multiple coupon codes will fetch you multiple cash-backs.